Looking Out for the Little Guys.

It's simple. You buy tees, we plant seeds. Every shirt purchased comes with a bag of wildflower seeds for you to build your own pollination garden. Profits of shirt sales will contribute to local bee farmers and to our Garden Sanctuary, located in the mystical plains of Cody, WY USA, where we plant our own seeds to build the largest be pollination garden in the universe.

Dance is a shot in the vein. A beat of the heart. It’s laying in your lawn with sunglasses on looking for shapes in the clouds. We create experiences where people can discover something about the earth and something about themselves. This is not fast fashion; there’s no greenwashing and no slinging clothes like the rent is due. 

Dance puts the soul into stewardship and seeds in the dirt. For every item sold, flower seeds come complimentary. Always. We’re dedicated to saving the North American Honey Bee which is being devastated by colony collapse disorder. We’re happy to offer some of the softest and coolest clothes ever. Restocks are rare, so don’t hesitate to jump in.


Beauty in All Its Forms

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. It’s vital in our relationship and interaction with the world  —  with food, habitat, culture & art. We create beautiful things — whether that be flowers in the garden or clothing in the closet. It’s only at Dance that we’ve had the opportunity to express ourselves with unadulterated creativity. We aim to follow that passion, follow that good. This is our central motivation.


Do a Little to Help a Lot

A new future starts in the garden — opportunity is created when habitats are built. It’s important to give pollinators the value they deserve, and we can do that right in our backyards. Planting flowers — it’s color that lasts the summer and a pastime that lasts a lifetime.

At DANCE, there’s no room for planet panic. Vindictiveness takes the backseat. We focus on the good we can do. We do that through unsurpassed design and craft. Focus on heart, health and frame of mind.

From which side shall we look at life? Take the time to slow down.



Why not? Expression and action is fun. Plus, bees dance to communicate. They dance to relay the position, the quality and the quantity of food. There’s nothing greener than a bee. Be driven to DANCE. 


We were born out of a need for independence. Click here for more info

Dance operates out of Midwest, USA with POI in Waverly, IA; Sioux Falls, SD and Cody, WY. Out here the skies are big, the plains are wide and the moon is huge as hell.